Resources for women

Our club run's single sex club competitions for men and women.

The club’s membership numbers indicate that women are under represented at the club and apparently feedback from women in the club shows they won’t play mixed competitions because they feel uncomfortable and intimidated playing with men. Other opportunities remain for men to play bowls in a mixed competition. Running a women’s only competition is a reasonable way to facilitate the participation of women in lawn bowls.

Here are some resources available to anyone interested in learning more about the above or who may be experiencing discrimination.


Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC)

Main page/starting point: CLICK HERE


VEOHRC - single-sex competitions in lawn bowls: click here


To contact the VEOHRC directly to have a consultant contact you: Click this link


Australian Human Rights Commission

Links to external websites/further resources: CLICK HERE


Having been shown there are reasons for concern, we must now use this feedback and work toward a situation where everyone feels comfortable and safe competing in mixed gender games at our club.

When we achieve this ideal scenario, single sex club competitions will no longer be necessary.